Introduction to Movement, ages 4-5, for the younger ages is designed to introduce body awareness, coordination, and a joy of moving. We will practice a Brain Dance inspired by Anne Green Gilbert, simple modern and ballet technique, as well as flexibility and strengthening exercises!

Modern Technique I & II, will draw from my experience with Limon technique, release technique, Laban-Bartenieff fundamentals, and will include Improvisation techniques and the Brain Dance, inspired by Anne Green Gilbert. We will be working to identify direction, shape, movement initiation, weight, breath, and body coordination in space.

Ballet I & II, will focus on ballet technique including barre exercises, center floor sequences, and movement across the floor. There is a heavy emphasis on safety through alignment, learning the forms, positions, and language of ballet.

Hip-Hop, will focus on developing strength, flexibility, and creativity through learning the foundational components of hip-hop. We will explore elements of free-styling, practicing choreography, learning skills for open Cyphers, with the intention of a final showcase. Tutting, Locking, Breaking, Waving, Ticking, Boogaloo, and more will be taught so students can develop their own unique style.

Tap I & II, will focus on developing rhythm and foot articulation to create movement sequences with sound! There is an emphasis on alignment and strength, learning specific steps and technique. We will also play fun rhythm games to develop musicality in the dancer.

Making Dances 2 will embody further exploration of choreography. There is no prerequiste to this class, you may take this class whether or not you took Making Dances 1. Each season will have a different project focus. We will learn how to build material through improvisation games, identify and explore elements of composition, learn basic music components, practice directing and rehearsing, and be introduced to the aspects of final performance!

Alignment, for the older ages will be a combination ballet and yoga. There will be a heavy emphasis on body health and alignment for safe movement that will develop a balance between strength and flexibility. My goal is for students to develop enough awareness and knowledge of the body that they can begin to customize a healthy, physical conditioning practice for their own, unique, individual bodies.