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The BreedArts School of Art and Dance offers Movement classes, Art classes, Homeschool classes, and Music lessons for youth, ages 4-18, for a Fall, Spring, and Summer Season.

The Dance program includes classes in ballet, modern dance, improvisation, choreography, hip hop, tap, and yoga. In addition to developing coordination, proprioception, and a committed understanding of each dance technique, we are dedicated to teaching students how to develop a balance of strength and flexibility to maintain correct alignment, ensuring longevity in each dancer's lifelong experience. As part of our core values, we promote healthy body image and body knowledge for each dancer’s physical safety.

The Art classes provide high quality instruction, covering a variety of material and technique, both 2D and 3D, with pieces of Art History in each lesson.

Our Homeschool Co-op classes provide lessons in Farming, Art, Environmental Science and Social Studies while providing a stimulating and supportive opportunity for students to socialize and play. 

Our Music lessons are taught by professionals in the Knoxville community who offer quality instruction and an attunement for working with children.

We strive to build a supportive, inspiring, and warm community 

and hope you will join us in sharing a love of art and movement!


Amelia Breed

Meet the Director

Amelia Breed has been choreographing and performing dance professionally for 14 years. In addition to the Knoxville dance scene, her work has been performed in Asheville, NC; Brooklyn, NY, Charleston, SC; Chattanooga, TN, and Lewisburg, WV. Amelia feels grateful to have studied with various artists including Art Bridgeman and Myrna Packer, Chris Burnside, Joy Davis, Cindy Dollar, Vicki Fink, Angie Hauser and Chris Aiken, Kathleen Hermesdorf, Tere O’Connor, Stephen Koplowitz, Leah Pinder, Shelley Senters, Nancy Stark Smith, Ray Elliott Swartz, Amanda Thom-Woodson, and Doug Varone and Dancers. She received her BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University where she studied Glass, Textiles, and Dance.

Amelia founded the Chickamauga School of Art, a program offering art classes and camps to children and adults, 2009-2015. She founded BreedArts School of Art and Dance in 2015. Amelia has worked with children for 17 years in schools, museums, and art centers both in Virginia and Tennessee, including a decade of teaching at Garden Montessori in Knoxville.

She also designs and creates a line of clothing for adults and children inspired by our natural world, intended to move beautifully with the body. She has designed various pieces for performance in addition to dressing families in Knoxville.

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